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Hi friend!

I agree with your observation. History is important though; although stock vendors say "past performance is no guarantee of future returns", the quote tends to hold true for human behavior (and many other things, like chemical combinations, electricity, etc). And I believe that there were people who were banned who "saw the light" but Granger doesn't seem to be doing so, at least not in comments (perhaps her agreement with Michael was "don't post about Israel, feel free to comment" but it doesn't seem so from his recent comment to her).

Perhaps a compromise? On the "6 Month Posting Frequency" chart, could put a solid block for the time period that the user was banned.

This would then be a "temporary scarlet letter". But I don't think that this would have helped me with my issue, as that user (probably, I don't know) hadn't been banned in the previous six months. So I would prefer something more permanent.

Besides, actions on this site are recorded permanently, and may be reviewed for all time. My posts and comments are all accessible. (Banned users' posts and comments are harder to find, but I did find the post that resulted in that other user's banning, when we first spoke.) So I'm not certain why other metadata would necessarily be hidden.

Additionally, if it specified when and for how long each ban lasted, then it would also be a "receding scarlet letter" -- if someone hadn't been banned in two years, then that would show they've "been good" versus someone whose ban expired a couple weeks ago.

And I agree, it's a tough call. To clarify my intent: I want to help others so that they do not have to experience what I went through.

But I don't want to "make waves" either. I suppose some metrics are in order: how many people have been banned? How many people have received multiple bans? How many users currently participating in this site have been previously banned?

At any rate, I'm just thinking out loud, I don't expect Michael to answer these metric questions to me -- but if he considers my request by checking these and says "can't do it" I will be okay with that. (I'm not drunk, nor am I demanding anything of him, so I hope not to end up like LL for these comments.)

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