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gotta love a genius Nobel laureate who

has no compunction about hanging out at the titty bar & w/pornstars .D

The Cult of Richard Feynman
His Peculiar Immortality Springs From More Than His Scientific Achievements


Caltech colleague Kip Thorne says it was that combination of fun and intellect that made Feynman perhaps the most magnetic physicist of the 20th century: "The people I know admired his breadth of interest, his curiosity and his love of life. Most of us tend to have much narrower lives than he, and many of us regret at times that we don't have the breadth of experiences and relationships as he did."

Caltech Vice-Provost David Goodstein recalls that in 1966, as he was finishing his graduate work at the University of Washington in Seattle, Goodstein was invited to deliver a lecture at Caltech as a prelude to his being hired there. He was whisked from the airport to a lunch--at Feynman's favorite topless bar, where he sometimes ate four or five times a week. Sitting there amid the strippers and across from the storied physicist, Goodstein could think of only one thing: "No one in Seattle is going to believe this."

A Chance Meeting With An Acquaintance

A while back I was invited to a strange, but nevertheless interesting party. At this party there were all sorts of people from various professions. During the course of the evening, one very buxom woman came up to me and introduced herself. It turns out that she was a well-known stripper and actress in adult movies by the name of Candi Samples. When she found out that I studied physics she asked whether I knew a guy by the name of Dick Feynman. Yes, I replied,. I must admit I was rather astonished to hear his name in this connection. He is one of my biggest fans... she said. A few days later I am in Feynman's office and we are talking when I say to him, Hey, I ran into an interesting acquaintance of yours at a party the other night. Her name is Candi Samples. Feynman immediately smiled and said, Hey, Al, look at this! He went over to his file cabinet, which I thought contained all of his most important and intellectual works. It didn't take him long to pull out a black and white autographed nude shot of Candi Samples, inscribed, To Big Dick, Love from Candi!

Feynman, the O.G. intellectual renegade, is my HomeBoi!

Plus, a true Renaissance Man! He also drew and painted them, IMHO very elegantly, I might add:

The Art of Ofey: Richard Feynman’s Little-Known Sketches & Drawings

by Maria Popova

“I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world…this feeling about the glories of the universe.”

Dancer at Gianonni's Bar (1968)

Female Posing (1968)

Equations and Sketches (1985)

From Behind (1985)

Jirayr Zorthian (date N/A)

Nude from the Rear (1979)

Nude Sleeping (1975)

Portrait of a Stripper (1969)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul