Comment: Thoughts without action vs. Action driving thoughts

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Thoughts without action vs. Action driving thoughts

Anarchists are a bunch of "thinkers" but many lack the doing. I can't blame them, they follow the government approach of "clearly think before doing" rather than the freedom approach of "do in order to think more clearly".

From my experience, Anarchists do a lot of reviling and intellectual jousting; but they are still as enslaved as a Conservative by the actions of government...because of their own inaction.

The difference between a Conservative and an Anarchist is essentially ZERO if you look at how the government treats both.

What we need is a steady stream of non-compliance...and it starts with me.

Anarchist want everyone else to change thinking, but changing thinking for an Anarchist still keeps them enslaved.

What we need are people who are willing to act in order to think clearly...

Anarchist and Conservatives suffer from the same government intrusion and use of force...when Anarchists are ready to act then there is a legitimate difference.

Yours in Health and Freedom