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Comment: Mostly accurate

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Mostly accurate

One thing I'd like to clarify because it was mentioned twice is this notion that "anarchists grieve for civilians killed."

Many believe there is an apathy or deserving attitude anarchists have toward the death of government agents. And while there is a position that says when you play with fire you shouldn't be surprised if you get burnt, this isn't to say the value of human life is weighted differently based on the clothes worn at the time of death. A human's life is human life, period. The anarchist attitude is not one brimming with vengeful hatred.

Thus a more accurate statement would be that statists grieve for government agents killed, while anarchists grieve for ALL people killed.

One other statement I take exception to is... "Conservatives value order; anarchists value freedom" as if they are mutually exclusive. Order IS valued and can be achieved without the need to be dictated by a centralized authority, based on some notion of a hierarchy.

Perhaps the most true statement of this article is that "anarchists respect natural law."