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How can you make this claim

"I believe to this day that in the year 2002 I experienced enlightenment..." then go on to disparage others by pointing out their "fanatical adherence to religion, namely Christianity" and 'hypocrisy'? Is that not hypocritical in itself?
The concept of 'enlightment' contains within it the acknowledgement that there are no differences. Yet you see differences. And you are willing to point a finger at others forgetting that for your one finger that points to another there are 3 pointing back at you.
As no one directly asked for your thoughts, why make a concerted effort to elaborate on the foibles of your very own family from which you were granted the greatest gift of all, life?
Since posting invites commentary, I will say this: Let others be, just work on yourself and relate your personal story. There was no reason whatsover to interject your 'disapproval' of how others conduct themselves. Where is the Love in that?
I, too, was raised in a very Christian household, but I thank God every day that I was. The main message I learned was Love. I had no interest in hellfire or eternal damnation so dismissed what I felt didn't apply, but never would I charge my parents with hypocrisy; it is their belief. Let them have what they are comfortable with. In conversation with them I may question their belief, but never in such a way that it could mistaken for attack - and, Pen, this reads as an attack: "I could have easily fell into the same Bible-toting, scripture quoting path that my Grandparents were known for.."
Where is the love in that? Where is the compassion and gentleness of a loving soul?
It is never about what another thinks, believes or does. It is only about how you believe and act and if your actions match your words.
I would have appreciated your post more if you didn't raise yourself to the level of an enlightened being (or 'near enough is good enough' level), then fall off the pedastal of your own making by deriding others for their beliefs.

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