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Nice :)

I was reading about establishing the perfect currency and it was one based on the valuation of goods available by those trading the currency.

The idea is that everyone calculates the value of their goods and instead of trading goods all of the time you can trade the paper (or electronically) so you aren't always transporting goods. Just a thought...

In any case, I do recommend you get a permaculture designer as you can utilized all of the space for something valuable.

Just sent this message to someone who emailed me after my comment...this is some of the stuff that's possible with permaculture (combines the words "permanent" and "agriculture"). Perennial crops are the foundation with seasonal corps annuals as an added value.

My youngest brother just got certified as a Permaculture Designer and I enjoyed auditing the course.

Here are a few things to start out with...

:)...check out these videos:

If you can watch the whole video it's worth it.

If you only have 1 hour watch from time 1:00 - 2:00

If you only have a half hour watch 1:30-2:30

Please watch the following sections (about 12 min total time)

47:00 - 49:00 (black water ideas, at a school in Bahamas)
50:00 - 55:00 (community activity
1:00 - 1:06 (Education ideas via nature ;)

Yours in Health and Freedom