Comment: Voting is NOT about achieving good results.

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Voting is NOT about achieving good results.

Voting is NOT about achieving good results and good government policy.

Voting is about avoiding war while achieving approximately the SAME results and government policy, minus the death and destruction.

An election is just a poll, to try to see how a war over an issue or a choice among authoritarian leaders is likely to be won. Its sole virtue is convincing the losers that they would also lose a war to reverse its results, so they don't start that war.

People accept election results simply because resistance is futile. Elections fail to stop wars when they are perceived to be inaccurate.

Elections don't make the electorate as a group any smarter, less opinionated, less selfish, less the minions of their charismatic leaders, or less deluded by attractive religions and other ideologies. They just measure the distribution of their opinions on the issues that they might fight about.

Casting a vote is in NO way acknowledging any legitimacy of the election process or the government running it. Neither is it an agreement to abide by the results. Governments operate by coercion. Once coercion is being used against you, you are justified in doing far more to abort or evade the negative effects of that coercion than you are to improve your lot in non-coercive circumstances. That includes voting without intending to knuckle under to whichever devil wins or silly law falls out of the process.

However, refusing to cast a vote, while otherwise remaining opinionated and politically active, is a vote for war. By failing to be polled you reduce the perceived accuracy of the outcome, raising the likelihood that some losing power block may decide the result is bogus and can be reversed by violence.

IMHO refusing to vote should be reserved for situations where the voting system is so corrupted that you may incur a risk by casting a vote.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.