Comment: I Stopped Listening To Rush Limbaugh A Long Time Ago

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I Stopped Listening To Rush Limbaugh A Long Time Ago

Dear Mr. Limbaugh -

How dare you insult our intelligence. If it wasn't for your well connected father you probably wouldn't have been given the opportunity to be where you are today.

Nevertheless, you have severely affected millions of minds and hearts with lies, lies of omission, and half truths and distortions. I believed at one time you were a good and decent fellow. Somewhere down the line, Roger Ailes enticed you to go over to the dark side, offering you fame and fortune. Well you have become not only rich and famous but notorious as well.

You sold your birthright and your soul to the evil one for fame and fortune due to an inflated pride and ego that affected your judgement. You actions have condemned your soul to infernal damnation because you knew the truth once and turned you back on it as you have turned your back on millions of Americans who once loved and respected and believed into you.

I implore you to repent and come back to the light Rush. You don't need fame and fortune, but the love of your God and your fellow countrymen. Fame and fortune only lasts as long as your alive. But listen to me Rush, what will become of your eternal soul? Are you prepared to face the king of the universe with an unrepentant soul?

I implore you Rush, come back to the light. As long as your still breathing, its never to late.