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I could care less if someone

I could care less if someone is Jewish or not. I applaud you for being a follower of liberty, regardless of your religion. But the evidence in that video is far from circumstantial. Its not just that Israelis, some of whom are Mossad Agents, were seen celebrating on 9/11. It was their obvious foreknowledge of the events of that day. Israel was at least deeply aware of what would happen and took full advantage of it to make their war on terror our war on terror. How do you explain the anthrax timeline? Israel's supporters in the media get the fake stuff, but the critics of the coming Iraq War get the real thing? Someone sends a letter to the Justice Dept fingering an Arab scientist for the "recent anthrax letters," but BEFORE anyone had even opened an anthrax letter!

But you fail to appreciate other important details, like explosives in vans owned by a Mossad front company. The workers doing unauthorized repairs in the WTC in the weeks leading up to 9/11. The death of Kathleen Smith and her connection to the workers for the Israeli front company. The presence of dual citizens in every important part of the Bush administration. Who benefited from 9/11? Which nation benefited the most? Israel did not act alone, but it is clear that it was the primary beneficiary of the War on Terror.

And no, I don't blame all Israelis. Most of them are just as manipulated as we are. But they do keep voting for racist pro-apartheid leaders who are not serious about a just peace, and who want us to fight their wars for them. They already got us to attack Iraq, and we know Iran and Syria are their current goals.