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You're passionate about this. I'm not saying you are wrong...

You first state...

"Its not just that Israelis, some of whom are Mossad Agents, were seen celebrating on 9/11. It was their obvious foreknowledge of the events of that day. Israel was at least deeply aware of what would happen and took full advantage of it to make their war on terror our war on terror."

1) Like I said, Israel & numerous other intelligence agencies warned US, and had foreknowledge of the event, including obviously, our CIA & other branches. So, yes, they likely had foreknowledge, but that is nothing special. Our own government had foreknowledge & made it happen.
2) Maybe the Israelis were trying to make a scene, secretly letting people know something was up?! Weren't they screaming it in the streets?! Our government wasn't going to tell anyone. Maybe this is how Israel could warn others (including the hundreds of Jews, likely some Israeli duel-citizens as well) without looking like they were crossing the NWO? It's just as much a reasonable, plausibility. Maybe they were celebrating the fact that they warned the US, and our gov't didn't stop it, and now they know how nuts radical Islamists are? I don't believe THAT, at all.
3) You say Israel's war-on-terror became our war-on-terror. Maybe it is the other way around? Seeing as how we give 7x the $Billions in foreign 'aid' we give Israel, to Islamic nations and groups that are hostile to Israel? This 'aid' (payed for by American taxpayer) which goes to elite rulers in M.E. nations, funds the middle-east conflicts, which continues to fund the global MIC. Those Elitists are in ALL countries, including Israel and the US, but also every Muslim country receiving 'aid' and every NATO, UN, or globalist group out there... BRICS....etc...
The war-on-terror here has nothing to with Israeli nationalism at all, and has everything to do with the goals of NWO power Elite. Israel, like every other nation, has NWO elements in positions of power and influence, and is being swayed t play it's part in bringing it forth. Judaism, and the Judeo-Christian Messianic prophesy, predict an Evil NWO, but Israel prevails over that NWO. Conquering Israel will be the main goal of this anti-Christ. So, yes there are enemies in Israel, like there are in our gov't, but they are NOT the true identity of said nations. They are infiltrators, invaders.

Next lines you say...

"How do you explain the anthrax timeline? Israel's supporters in the media get the fake stuff, but the critics of the coming Iraq War get the real thing? Someone sends a letter to the Justice Dept fingering an Arab scientist for the "recent anthrax letters," but BEFORE anyone had even opened an anthrax letter!"

1) Do you understand the legal definition of the term 'circumstantial evidence'? Because this what is called "circumstantial evidence".
2) No doubt there are those same NWO agents that I described in "3)" in the above quote response, in our gov't. The NWO elements that have partners elsewhere, including Israel, would be used appropriately. Task-Master/Traitor-Jews have always been used by tyrannical regimes throughout history. The Judas-Goat theme is used by tyrants upon all groups/peoples, when possible.
3) As for the Arab scientist getting fingered, that pretty much went along with the gov't story, and in-and-of-itself no way points to Israel being responsible.

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