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I won't waste the time but

I won't waste the time but some one can here, on this thread if they want, if they choose to see the truth. As the dollar went to 84.5 on the USDX, you went on a rant telling everyone how the dollar was soaring! soaring just like you said it was. Then the very next day... THE VERY NEXT DAY! the dollar lost 2.5 on the usdx and went down to 82. Ever since then it has continued to go down. the dollar has not strengthened like you said it would. we are now 10 very small ticks away from a 78 handle on the USDX. I find it funny you call these taunts. Nothing but the truth. those who want to see what you wrote can go back and see when the dollar hit 84.5. look for the date and read what you wrote. You also, in that very same post , pushed Prechter about how right he is and blah blah blah. Like I have said many times before, If you had called silver to 50 then the correction, you would have credibility. YOU HAVE NONE. Maybe if you bought at 4.50-5.00 an ounce and then sold at 49.00 and called the correction then you would have credibility and I would listen to you. All you are is a perma bear who beats on his chest when the metals correct in a secular bull market. In 6 months to a year, everyone on this thread is going to see who is right and who is wrong.

It will be interesting to see if you even show up here as silver and gold start rocketing up as the fed announces that it is going to increase QE to 125 to 150 billion per month and then keep adding.

I find it funny how it is ok for your "predictions" to have corrections but when us bulls get a correction in the market it is not a correction. Yes Corrections are normal and expected. Go back and do some research of the bull market for the metals in the 1970's. If you do not see any parallels there you either dumb, blind or stupid or just ignorant. Or most likely a combination of all 4. Can the dollar have a little corrective rally here up? sure it can. just watch what happens after it hits 80 or 81 again.

Always amusing to watch people lash out as they are losing their butts on their bets.

Now, you do us a favor and give us a break. If anyone wants to know the truth all they have to do is take the time to read your stuff. Calling a blow off top when silver hit 27.00. Telling everyone to short when silver hit 28.oo then it went to 49+. Talk about somebody missing predictions? My prediction has been good now for 13 years. Buying physical at the absolute bottom and holding. Knowing that NONE of the fundamentals for buying silver 13 years ago have changed and are even more strong today with dollars being printed out of thin air at will.

The markets are manipulated by the Federal Government through their proxies the big Banks. This is why Prechter is full of crap and only a moron would continue to believe a word he has said. JPM has been found guilty manipulating Libor, the electricity markets, Natural gas, the London Whale fiasco etc. etc. etc. But people like you say that silver and gold are not manipulated...

You don't like the taunts? I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Maybe some folks would like to repost yours.

The time is coming soon when you will be totally proven wrong. That day is not to far away.