Comment: anyone else notice TEXAS wasn't even mentioned...

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anyone else notice TEXAS wasn't even mentioned...

By the, "great and powerful", O'Bambi?
What kind of idiotic form letter is this?
The guy seems to have not read a word of the Texans' petition to secede. And he has the balls to stand on the constitution of these, "great united states"? Seriously?

I don't believe any president (whatever) before O has gone against, trampled, shredded, OUR constitution more-so than O. This guy,a "constitutional scholar", seems to have forgotten all he might have learned in his studies, or he failed to even show up for class(es). The guy seems to hate all things and all people American.

The more he does and says, the more I am SURE he was a construct of the bastard-state, Israhell. Everything he does is FOR Bibi and Co. When did he do something positive for US? Even his, "cell phone freebie giveaway", had a negative story behind it. He's used his power to follow people he gave these phones to. And I am sure Israhell and Bibi have the goods on us; I don't have a smart phone or a dumb phone. I still use a landline. But, I am sure I am followed and my words viewed each time I go online.

When the world's future teachers teach history of the USA to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, what will be taught of Obama? What kind of story will it be?
Will there even be a USA by then?
(It seems we are already US of IZ, so who knows?)

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).