Comment: Actually, I do know that, John.

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Actually, I do know that, John.

Just as prostate cancer is more frequent than breast cancer. However, both men and women agree that breasts are sexy, so that disease gets more attention and funding.

Anal rape is the leading cause of death among male runaways.

I posted the video because it effectively refutes all the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim spin here and everywhere else on the web and censoring it, in my opinion, is exercising the poorest form of judgment possible. I won't even read articles about domestic minority-on-white crime, because I am quite aware of the intent behind it. Besides minorities victimize minorities at a far higher rate than they do whites. Most bigots think they are better than their victims; however, most at least acknowledge their victims are human; whereas, the Talmud calls gentiles "cattle" and equates having sex with them as "bestiality". That is really pathological, and ignoring it has resulted in some of the greatest evil perpetrated in history.

I post a lot of positive stuff here, especially technological breakthroughs. Yet, most of what I post is ignored or ridiculed, whereas, something smarmy, petty or mainstream Christian will get a large number of up votes. This is supposed to be a libertarian website. What party of "liberty" do the moderators and subscribers not understand?