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As has been stated around here before: "Arguing about Jews doesn't seem to contribute to much around here but division." And I agree with and support that position.

Most Israel posts are what I have come to term snowball topics. When one gets posted, within a few days we have five floating around, and all of them accomplish the same thing - nothing, except division. They don't solve any problems. They just clutter DP with division, hate, and contention that descends into bottomless depths of insults until the comments are a quarter inch wide.

And another position I second being one of us that has to deal with the fallout - We don't have the time, effort, energy or interest in sorting out the He said, She said, battles created by this topic when they light up the modbox with complaints.

It becomes tiresome.

Hope that explains it. I personally like much of the off-beat stuff you post.