Comment: Liberal mindset

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Liberal mindset

pro life people want to chain you up until you have a baby. Seriously they really believe this.

Maybe they should look at the fact that it used to be illegal for a doctor to disclose patient information, but oboma care made it the law for the doctors to disclose private information.

Or the fact the the drug war screws everybody.

Or the likely hood that the judge gets a kick back from the faculty he sent the girl too.

Nope pro life people want to chain pregnant women up until they have their baby.

I am pretty sure pro life people like myself have made it clear we would rather go after the abortionist than the pregnant women. But I guess its good business for them to just say pro life people want to chain up pregnant women, so have an abortion today and give the abortionist 400 dollars. Bring a friend. Support the feminist cause. Stupid.