Comment: I appreciate the comments, both positive and negative.

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I appreciate the comments, both positive and negative.

For those of you who consider this a "trivial problem," realize that our "love affair" with Israel has not only bankrupted the country through endless Middle East conflicts, the US have copied the Israeli doctrine of preemptive war, torture and spying on our closest "allies," collectively leading to the likelihood of complete destruction of the United States and, possibly, the end of the human race by thermonuclear war. What could be more important than that?

For those of you offering me encouragement, I say, "Thank You." However, if you are sincere, and I believe you are, please, at least, comment on more of my positive or "far out" postings. I am only offended when the remarks are offensive; I deeply respect critical thinking and enjoy opposing views as much as agreement.

While many of my remarks in the past have been out of frustration, I wrote this post out of alarm. We narrowly avoided thermonuclear war TWICE already this year, once over North Korea and once over Syria. Come November 1, we may well have an armed insurrection against the US government; at the very least I expect the worst riots across the US since the 1960s. Also,we have been discussing a possible complete financial collapse in a theoretical way since I first subscribed to the DAILY PAUL six years ago. Now, mainstream media are reporting it, just as BUSINESS WEEK predicted the 1929 stock market crash SIX MONTHS before it actually happened. FORBES just made a similar prediction about our present economic outlook. We are at "Zero Hour," and I am most alarmed that so many of you are not prepared for it, psychologically. Mental preparation is most important, because quick, correct decision making will make the difference between life and death for you and your families. I once advised my sister not to have elective surgery. I told her, "If you do, you are going to die." She had the surgery two days later, and five days after that, she was dead. It does not get more real than that.