Comment: Previous threads on the Rothbard/Mises set vs KOCHtopus feud:

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Previous threads on the Rothbard/Mises set vs KOCHtopus feud:

'Liberals' truly are the most brainwashed bunch, I've ever seen in my life: they are MUCH worse than the RINOs during GWB regime years. At least they genuinely believed in the sophomoric "they hate us for our freedom" fit for a 3yr old, childish repetitive mantra.

On the other hand, the L vs R bowel 'movement Liberals' do know better, supposedly, but constantly LIE and rationalize to themselves: they really are the proverbial "He beats me 'cause he loves me" mass-Stockholm Syndromed willfully delusional useful idiots, who believe they're truly 'enlightened' and 'informed,' making it all the worse: like dumb ass idiots, who are PROUD of their ignorance and proceed to ridicule those who are far more intelligent and informed as a psychological projectionary diversion, publicly, and see no shame in living as such.

My long-er answer: Just search "Jane Mayer" in the following thread to read the more pertinent point in regards to the REAL libertarians vs the fake-tarian KOCHtopus set:

Rachel Maddow, the Racist Cecil Rhodes funded Propagandist for GE Warmachine Smears Ron Paul, AJ & Beck

I would've bought the 'building coalition' before her treatment of Rand. If you guys actually track the initial media attacks against the Tea Party, this should be all too obvious.

For most on the Left, they had NO CLUE as to what "libertarianism" at large were, until Jane Mayer's August 30, 2010 'exposé' on the Koch Bros.

That article was solely done to smear libertarianism as "heartless and utopian."

And, who is the most famous libertarian alive? Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul.

So essentially, they've built up a phony enemy: astro-turf TeaParty, to knock down, while surreptitiously, subconsciously driving the propaganda agenda that "Ron Paul and his libertarians are the REAL enemy!"-meme.

Frankly, however disgusting, as far as evil ploys go, it's been pretty successful. Just look around, even the stolen primaries and caucuses.

Until that article, you've never heard MSM talk so much, so feverishly trying to smear anything 'libertarian' from Ayn Rand (remember all the 'Ron Paul named his own son after Ayn Rand!-meme?), to F.A. Hayek, to 'irrelevant' Ludwig von Mises.

To which I say, whoTF? Robert who??

The liberals NEEDED to malign libertarianism, as frankly that and the Freedom Movement as a whole IS the ONLY real political movement in this country. That is why they had to make Tea Party as what it is today post-TeaPartyExpress/Nation corporatist astroturf: as a mere outgrowth of Koch Bros' empire.

Wanna know the most hilarious part?

Most liberals haven't got a clue that NPR/PBS' largest donors are the KOCHtopus, not to mention, BigOil as a whole. You almost can't watch a primetime PBS show not sponsored by Exxon-Mobil, BP or Koch Bros. And, these idiots have the nerve to accuse those of us who simply do not buy their control-freak meme that does nothing to address pollution: Peak Oil Carbon Tax??


(UPDATE) Also, one little inconvenient historical fact that all L-R statist liberals would want you to never know: The Koch Bros 'created' Blue Dress-staining Slick Willy. They funded the rise of Clinton, along with his political arm, the DLC, the Democratic Leadership Council. Don't believe me, check out these two posts by liberals:

Robert Dreyfuss @ AmericanProspect - Dec. 19, 2001: How the DLC Does It

Joe Sudbay @ AmericaBlog - Aug. 25, 2010: Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council

But, as far as slick statist liberal media propaganda operations go, this one truly takes the cake; for those who may be unfamiliar, guess who the founder of Media Matters for America, the de facto Soros-White House mouthpiece, is?

David Brock.

Who is David Brock? He made his name going AFTER Bill Clinton during the entire Monica Lewinski and Paula Jones scandal. Though he made his name during the Anita Hill scandal as well, Clinton scandals were his real bread and butter.

And then, like alchemical magic, out of the blue, we are to believe that a real deal, a true blue professional political whore mercenary had a catharsis, a change of heart. And, now, he's all about 'I bend over for all liberals! Go team Liberals! Liberals! And screw the Conservatives! Yay!'

Seriously, you couldn't write a fictional novel with this many obvious, hilarious political actors flipping left and right, and getting away propagandizing to millions of gullible idiots nationwide.

A sad commentary on the world, to be sure. But dangerous, because the con apparently still works, especially to and with those whom delusionally self-proclaim to be "politically aware and active." Proving the very much reality fact, and the existence of a completely exclusive phenomenon and providence within the human species: "educated idiots."


Oh yeah, they've been at this for a long time. But you didn't hear any mainline 'liberal' complain about the Kochs, then, now did ya?

The rest of that thread is REALLY LONG, if you care to gander, to gauge a larger picture (at least IMHO) of the whole L vs. R fake 'liberal,' useful idiot-conjob.

The Short-er answer:

RARE 1989 Video! Dr. Paul speaking @ Libertarian Party State Chairs Meeting: Reflections on '88 Pres. Race

++ NOTE: Koch Bros' CATO finally capitulates: Ron Paul IS important to the libertarian movement!


For those who may not be familiar, the reason why I say that is because until this election cycle, Dr. Paul has NEVER been invited to speak at CATO, if you can believe that. Yes, Dr. Paul, the most famous libertarian/voluntaryist alive, the man whom single-handedly inspired a whole new generation of people WORLDWIDE, provided more 'liberty gateway drug' for them than anyone alive or passed-on, has never spoke at the self-professed libertarian institution most famous in DC.

In fact I believe Rand spoke at CATO before Ron did (for those who know for certain, please correct me).

Granted it's a bit too inside baseball, but like all political movements, we've had our share of sub-faction disputes. And the most notable is the Mises vs. Koch Brothers' CATO/Reason: it's all due to the co-founder of CATO, the anarcho-capitalist extraordinaire Murray N. Rothbard vs. Koch Bros. split.

There's a reason why CATO/Reason worships statist corporatist pro-FED. Reserve Chicago School's Milton Friedman, but they never, rarely if ever, mention Mises, or Rothbard, or anyone else associated with Lew Rockwell, including Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul.

Peter Schiff so far has always been sort of a 'bridge' between the two, cross-attending both institute's conferences.

So when CATO's puts up a classic video of Dr. Paul AT their own official YouTube page, the Koch boys are definitely riding the winds of change.

Certainly, it's a minor petty point for those just learning about libertarianism, but for the O.G.'s, some wounds haven't healed. Just a reference, for those who maybe curious, 'tis all.

MUCH more in-depth analysis by another poster:

Cato Institute Historically Has Rejected Ron Paul

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul