Comment: The founder's got two out of three correct,

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The founder's got two out of three correct,

not bad, but not good enough either. We have three domains of freedom which must be kept whole for a just and civil society:


They got the first two correct clearly establishing the demarcation between the government and the individual in respect to our physical and spiritual affairs. The constitution explicitly outlines that the government is to be protective and not destructive of our person, property and papers as well as our spiritual lives.

They did not however, clearly define our right to choose the money that best suited our affairs. Defining a dollar and the amount of gold and silver it was composed of did make sense to bring order to taxation, but they did not explicitly state that this form of currency was NOT compulsory or exclusive leaving the door open for legal tender laws.

Of course implicitly it was obviously not exclusive, as we have happily used foreign coin and privately minted money for long periods of our nations history without trials for counterfeiting since there was no intent to defraud.

In fact in the original coinage act of 1792 there is no language regarding counterfeiting but there is explicit language dealing with the debauching of US coinage by public officials.

With this one flaw by our founders the sociopaths inverted economic gravity making the producer slave to the consumer. The biggest sociopaths are of course masters of this system exercising unlimited consumption. Our current sick society of death and debt, zero-sum-game mentality springs from this flaw.

The monsters and the morally bankrupt in our society float to the top and the ethical and productive are driven to the bottom by this inversion of economic gravity.

Re-establish the natural order of economic gravity and the major ills of society, all manufactured by sociopaths as a means of control, will disappear like the morning mist.