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You can attach a claim to the IRS against them, you can also do it with county taxes, such as their house, car, and so on. It doesnt matter if hes not got his name on the house..does his wife/partner? If so, there are was to attach to it..and if they sill refuse to pay you, you own the house, car, etc...
You should also, when you renew your claim, get the court to make him show you every one of his bank account, which you can attach also.
I had a friend yeas ago that went through hell, and she was ony due 7,500.00. She went after the people on her own. Took her 2 years, but she got it, plus interest, plus somehing extra for their bs. When she was done, she colleted, between money and property, over 42,500.00...She got trebble damages and the extra for what they did to he credit.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
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