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Comment: Sorry, I don't get it. :-(

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Sorry, I don't get it. :-(

I'd suggest:

1) Join their travels;

2) Finance Sheriff Mack, Ben Swann, and Daily Paul;

3) Put a security freeze on your name and ss#/tin with the credit bureaus, SSA, IRS, and banks/financial institutions;

4) Notify the police, FBI, DOJ, Attorneys General, SOS/Corporation Commission, BBB, and Financial/Bank Regulatory Agencies over said lenders and request help;

5) See if your homeowner or rental insurance covers ID Theft and let them pursue for you; otherwise join "All Clear ID" for help;

6) Hire your own PI or Liam Neeson as "Bryan Mills", retired CIA Agent in "Taken", to hunt them down and 'see #1' or take care of them;

7) "What do you do?" (movie tagline) Shoot'em in the leg like Keanu Reeves character did in "Speed";

8) Temporarily go to jail to prove it can't be you if you're locked up - get a forgery expert.

I like 1 and 2! ;) (or Take Richard, Ben, and Michael with you.)