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Comment: Because Israel needs to

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Because Israel needs to

Because Israel needs to remain a Jewish State. The problem with Israel isn't Israel. If you take all the Jews out of Israel, Israel would be just fine for those who want a Nation of Islam.

Saudi Arabia makes it's money from oil. Israel makes it's money off genius, who is working at alternative energy, and just came into gas and oil finds to sustain themselves, so they don't need Saudi Arabia (least we forget, Israel has won and returned land for refugees.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are not culturally compatible.

Apparently neither Israelis NOR Jews are allowed to fly on Saudi Arabian Airlines. According to Khalid al-Melhem, director general of the airline, it’s because Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, and if a passenger happened to get stuck in Saudi Arabia in transit there would be major trouble.

“If there is an absence of political relations between [Saudi Arabia] and any other country, we will not allow that country’s citizens into the kingdom,” Melhem told Saudi’s Al-Watan newspaper.

Bill de Blasio, NY public advocate, responded with:

“No city in the world has closer ties to Israel than we do, and yet Israeli citizens are being discriminated against right here at JFK [airport]. It’s not only illegal; it’s an affront to who we are.”

And he promised that if the Saudi airline doesn’t change its ban against Israeli travelers, or comply with international aviation laws that bar discrimination,

“[he]…will act to make sure they’re excluded from United States airports, starting with JFK.”

“We won’t stop with just exposing these practices. We’ll pursue this with authorities in Albany and in Washington until Israeli nationals’ rights are respected.”

Just imagine if an airline refused to allow Muslims on board.

Source: Al Arabiya