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Comment: I half wonder if they know the truth but act strategically

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I half wonder if they know the truth but act strategically

For years they have funded Reason and Cato and originally had Rothbard as the head. They totally understand and seem to support libertarianism, even if the Mises/Paul crew have some differences*.

But I wonder if their understanding of how the country works makes them fund government, support statist candidates, lobby for legislation because it is practical. They don't corrupt because it is consistent with their ideology, but instead their ideology informs them of what the current reality is and they game it.

It would be like if you were in prison and you decided to become an expert at bribing the guards. Morally and intellectually, you don't believe in bribery, but since you understand that it is the best way to thrive you embrace it.

This is why, partly, they stayed miles away from the Paul campaign despite him being the most viable libertarian candidate in a generation or two.

This all conjecture and assertion; I have evidence of nothing. Just a stranger on the Internet typing.

* (I know some people think they are miles apart, and I agree, but from a status quo perspective, the two groups probably look basically the same ideology-wise.)

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