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I think

You have to think for yourself. I've seen threads bashing Ron Paul here.. I think, Liberty means different things to different people, so you have to know what it means to you, and respect that others it may mean something else.. that is how I see it.. the CA GOP had Liberty all over the place, and some was grassrooted, and some had gone commercial, and the way you work it, if you are grassroots you go commercial or help those who went commercial if you are into politics to the point of making it professional.. it's a professional game with plenty of payers.

Benton represents the insiders, which these are professionals who manage a campaign, and a big campaign manages a lot of money, that has a lot of strings attached, federal, state, county secretary of state, fair elections, FEC.. on and on 50 states, 7 territories, military and duel citizens globally located.. there are many kinds of insiders who make campaigns, and issues, happen..

Beck is MSM, YouTube is MSM.. so we are all being programmed more or less.. in 07 when Ron Paul started, his campaign was mostly the net.. meet-ups.. now all campaigns are on the net.

Palin was an insider and a MSM darling, a wild card, she can say what she wants, do what she wants.. and she does.