Comment: I bump your posts a lot--

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I bump your posts a lot--

I, too, have been tiptoeing around that country which shall not be mentioned--

I didn't know the ban had been lifted; it appeared that it was not--or if it was lifted, it was done so cautiously.

I am concerned about genocide throughout the world, not just in the middle east--

and I did an OP on whether or not we should be concerned about genocide; it wasn't banned, but nobody responded, and it's disappeared; it will never be read if I don't self-bump it--

What can *we* do about genocide? I don't know. But I think it doesn't do any good to ignore that it is happening, all over the world, and sometimes in subtle ways, such as Planned Parenthood targeting black mothers/babies.


It's easy to talk about the middle east for several reasons, and it's very tempting to talk about it--

for one thing the U.S. government has pretty much devastated the country of Iraq, so feelings run high there (among those of *us* who have been against that war from the beginning; *we* want to try to understand what on earth happened!)--

so it's easy to focus on the middle east, including the country that shall not be named. Because that country is a minority country politically and religiously--


the fact is that there is genocide going on in other places as well--

China is a genocidal monster.

I look for people who are leading the attack on genocide in whatever culture; there are some real heroes in the country that shall not be named--

but it's not as easy to find heroes among the

Urghurs, for example, because our government is not overtly involved in that area.

If you speak about genocide and you happen to be concerned about something happening in or near the country that shall not be mentioned, you are instantly labelled.

It's important to keep a balance, even though--

all human life is precious--

and it is very important to keep a close eye on America's own backyard--

For example, I am always mentioning the courage (and I think he does good work) of Miko Peled, but there have been some terrible arguments over him (yes, he was born in the country that shall not be named, and he won't be quiet about the genocide in that area)--

it's not worth the constant arguing; nothing comes of it. One person's hero is another person's bad guy--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--