Comment: Indeed... more globalist elite plans coming to fruition.

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Indeed... more globalist elite plans coming to fruition.

It's no wonder that illegal immigration has been steadily supported in true bipartisan fashion over the years.

[The] "fastest way to take down the Constitution is to allow 20 million plus people who know nothing about it to be allowed to vote." Yep. Total fucking nightmare. And that's why this is supported by the elite world govies: it's the cherry on the sundae of flushing our country down the toilet... along with the Fed and fake money, engineered collapse, police state, Agenda 21, etc.

There will be little to no loyalty from these people where Constitutional values and Liberty are concerned; on the contrary, they'll likely be loyal only to the government hand that feeds them / gives them free, fast-tracked / short-circuited citizenship--that same government which seeks to destroy Liberty.

And it's crazy to see occasional organized protests by these folks... stamping their feet, demanding citizenship. It's the ultimate in entitlement mentality. So much anger and contempt for the very country in which they supposedly wish to live and prosper.

What would the Founders do?