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Dont go out of your way to make a scene but if the TSA gives you grief in line be a dick but give them what they want as far as checking your boarding pass again etc. Their power is illusionary and you need to expose that. Roll your eyes to them- it really pisses them off.

Ask for a pat down and do it in public so others can see how stupid the whole thing is. When your about to go through the machine just say "I want to opt out." If the guy doing it is cool, be cool back. It helps show him that he is being a tyrant to normal citizens just like him. Most of the time they will do a half ass job and look really miserable doing it. If they try to explain to you that its as safe as a cell phone etc just reply by saying "I have an option to opt out and that is my decision."

Whatever you do, dont use your target shooting bag as your carry on bag! I did that once on accident after trap shooting and the explosive testing machine went crazy after I got pat down with alarms and everything and 2 uniformed cops came and seached every part of my bag and everyone on the flight stared at me thinking I was a terrorist.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.