Comment: always opt out

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always opt out

you don't have to volunteer unless they steer you towards the scanner - sometimes, you are just asked to pass through the metal detector and that's that.

give yourself extra time - when you tell them you are opting out of the scanner, they will put you aside and call for someone to get you.

watch your bags carefully as they go through the scanner without you, causing a small traffic jam, sitting there unclaimed, while you're waiting for a qualified pat down agent.

do it in public, when they ask if you want a private screening, just in case.

if they ask if you're familiar with the procedure, tell them no, you're not used to being frisked like a criminal without probable cause, unless you're travelling.

when they ask if you have sensitive areas or painful areas, i always tell them my genitals are very sensitive, and can be quite ticklish.