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Who told you this?

Where did you get this information? Have you ever considered YOUR source?

When you say "Palestinians", who exactly are you talking about? Can you place them on a map? And if you can, can you tell us the name on the map?

Who is stealing whose land? What are the borders of this land? Who are the leaders? And we can go both sides of this issue by the way, depending on what part of the border.. Israeli mushaves are comprised of nationalities, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Jewish refugees from all over the world, and million more dying to got into Israel.

Why are millions of people, Jewish and non-Jewish trying to move to Israel?

Do you keep a count of how many times Israel is bombed? Do you have any idea?

When I read posts like yours, I see a good person, a compassionate caring person, who has bought a lie designed to cash in on your ignorance. You stopped asking questions.. you actually have no idea about what the treaties are, what wars have been fought, what, who why and how the refugees, and the war between global government and what it means to be sovereign with what you've got, and for some, it's nothing, other it's oil that is running out, and few, brains.. and brains gets bashed by those who can't think for themselves and have decided to stand for lies.

When you say Palestinian, what exactly are you talking about, because to a Palestinian, that means NOTHING but that you are a stupid American who buys bullshit and for the unscrupulous to profit off the misery. Palestinian is a coin word. Don't buy it.