Comment: I do have the right to lie.

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I do have the right to lie.

And to all other expressions of speech. That doesn't guarantee a right to a podium and an audience. And if I were to lie, that's not to say that there might not be consequences. Family members, friends, co-workers, employers... no one likes to be lied to.

Furthermore, given that we live in a society, not on our own islands, there is a time and place for everything, no less when there are conflicting rights. I can't exercise my rights in such a way that it would deprive someone else of his rights. Whose rights trump whose? Where rights conflict, where dialogue is not possible to come to a determination and, possibly, compromise, it can sometimes require some third party to determine, perhaps a court and jury of one's peers.

I also beg to differ that we were "given" a right to free speech. Indeed, we *give* to the government the power to protect that inalienable right, which is ours by virtue of the fact we are human. While you might have a personal opinion as to how we might best make use of that right (i.e., "in order to discover the Truth..."), my right is not predicated on exercising it some particular way. What is mine thanks to my Creator require no rationalization.

As to the Daily Paul, we are guests, with house rules determined by the host, whose prerogative it is to keep house however he wishes. Our choice is to accept his participation rules - or pure whims! - or go elsewhere, perhaps developing our own site with some different parameters. What one person considers appropriate another might not.

While obviously there is something we all have in common that drew us here, given the debates I've observed on this site it's not what I'd consider an echo chamber, as with some other sites. I think it's done a pretty good job in serving as an open forum for the exchange of ideas. I can't say I have always agreed as to whom or what is allowed (or not); I can accept that "principled" people might disagree.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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