Comment: Herding strategies

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Herding strategies

They try to herd you into the scanners. There are NOT two doors, #1 and #2. It's just one way. When you get to the scanners sans-shoes-and-personal-belongings you have to actually ask, "I would prefer not to have the scan." Then they might pat you down, but the TSA agents pride themselves on being assholes. Some will seem to refuse as they try to convince you "oh, it's safe, it's not xrays, ms. smith, it's very easy, just go through this's not radiation, it's just like your cell phone or the radio(morons just passing down lies)."

There are 2 types. Both are bad.

The soft xray scanner has ionizing radiation. The millimeter wave scanner has "nonionizing" radiation. In my opinion, they are both new technologies for the human body and completely inadequately safety tested. Think of the old fluorescence xray scans for fitting your shoes that shoe salesmen used as a gimmick! It's safe until it's not. Kids getting xray burns, not so funny. "It's just like a sunburn! No big deal..."

Just respectfully decline and say AGAIN "no, I'd prefer not to have the scan."

Once they realize they're going to lose their little game of power tripping trying to trick you to go through the scanners anyway, they will flag down someone to escort you through and pat you down. It is an uneventful pat down while other passengers half-frown in sympathy realizing the absurdity of our fear culture.

Not a big deal, patriot.