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What they do is snuff out true political energy, and then co-opt it. This (above) vid shows the source of political energy. The PTB recognized it, and sent their fake opposition in to do their things. When you watched the completely manufactured Tea Party Revolution starting with the Santilli rant claiming that it all started their, you were watching their attempts at capturing this true political energy. And while they were successful, we are still here.

AFP fans (that I have met) are well intended good souls, but aren't the brightest and most hang on every word of the hannity/beck/faux news opinion. That's the way the AFP wants it, keeping people stuck in the left/right paradigm.

If the kock brothers are such huge Libertarians, why did they ignore Ron Paul?? Why did they compete with ron Paul?

They have been trying to control and neutralize the libertarian sentiment from their beginning, don't mistake that for "leading".