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Thank You For Asking.

I have been a follower/supporter of Ron Paul since the 1970's.
At first I was anti-anything political, but when I learned in 2006 that a support group was forming for a Ron Paul for President run, I joined the movement on the internet.

In my area the Ron Paul meet up groups were heavily made up of JBS members.
So I decided to check out JBS, because I was being recruited, by JBS, I thought.

It seems the JBS was founded by the Koch brothers father, along with the multi-million dollar business empire they now own.
This is an "International" conglomerate which would not have the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution limiting their business empire,in any way, and to top it off, none of the JBS's in my area would become republicans to vote for Ron Paul in the closed state Oregon primary elections.
WHY ????
They would support and register as the Constitution party members.

Which made me think that they were there simply there to"DIVIDE" the republican party vote against Ron Paul.

Why is Ron Paul against the United Nations?
My answer is:
The U.S. Constitution spells out how a "Sovereign" nation makes its own laws, and has its own court systems !
An international conglomerate, such as Koch Industries or the United Nations, doesn't have to abide by U.S. law, that's why we have wars going on all over the world, backed by big business, among others.

Please think about this !