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I am amazed and scared to death all at the same time. (Then again I've been THERE before!)
Ok so, a couple of things...I worry about means of governing, ownership or not, expense, etc...
We are a large self employed family. An experienced carpenter, an established soap maker/herbalist and budding midwife. It is fascinating, absolutely GREAT idea. My main concern would be humans. They are so greedy, malicious, and nasty. My favorite book would say "the heart is inherently wicked, who can know it?" Mankind is brutal, been down that road one too many times. And admittedly, no one wants to work their tail off to merely "sustain". So, I would say hammer out the details and keep us informed!
Oh and BTW, we live 35-40 minutes from Foxburg. I'm actually overlooking the Allegheny River as I write this. SO HEY! If you're ever up for a great Liberty Cookout-PM me and we'll "do lunch!"