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Thank you so much for your response. I want to give it the attention it requires as it has really struck an emotional chord within me. It was not my intent to disparage others by the words I writ. I was trying to point out what it was I recalled as a young boy and yes, describing their adherence as fanatical is accurate AND that isn’t to imply negativity as you have so done. It was an observation and the words I’ve used to describe it were laid with precision of thought and recollection. When I say in 2002 I experienced “Enlightenment”, it was not meant to imply Buddhist Enlightenment simply because I was studying Buddhism, rather as I expounded a feeling of enlightenment was really the only way I could explain it. I have written several poems (some posted here at the DP) regarding the emotions and feelings I experienced at that time, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was “Buddhist” enlightenment or other “religious”-based enlightenment…it was simply an enlightening experience.

I understand and am ever grateful for the union that brought me life and my pointing out of “foibles” is in no way meant to degrade those who took part in my being alive. I am not pointing fingers. I am speaking from experiences first-hand and pointing out hypocrisies of those claiming to follow doctrines and teachings while setting examples that went directly against what it was I was being taught. I was not making a concerted effort to degrade or point out another person’s faults, I was simply stating what took place.

“I could have easily fell into the same Bible-toting, scripture quoting path that my Grandparents were known for...” – this is not an attack. I was stating the truth as to how they conducted themselves as far as their practice of Christianity. When I say I coudl have fallen into the same practices, I say that with sincerity due to being immersed in the religion as a child. I am raising myself to the level of an enlightened being by raising questions that argue the hypocrisies and examples set by others, regardless of who they are or their relation to me. Family has always been the most important part of my life, but that doesn’t mean I cannot question the practices I was supposed to follow when they directly contradict the examples representative of those practices. I appreciate your response and please know that this post was to share another part of my life and nothing more. Peace to you.

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