Comment: What it makes me realize is

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What it makes me realize is

We need to have uniforms that seem official when the shit hits the fan so those who are so conformed to seeing anyone with uniforms with guns as normal will allow us the pass through "issue areas" without having to worry about anyone freaking out and calling the "State" on us.

I really hope there is a good reason for this video and the boats/armed soldiers or whatever they were. Besides it being a parade with non ammo or some sort of military skit, what positive reason would there be?

I just can't believe that the time where our government is going to try and fully take us over is actually upon us. It is one thing to hear the alex jones and other talking heads pumping up a collapse or take over BUT it really seems to be coming and in our lifetime.

For some reason I thought I would spend the rest of my days getting my kids prepared so that when the time came they would have everything they would need to handle business BUT it seems like this might happen while I am still around.

Either way I say BRING IT, the sooner it happens means the sooner we can take our country back and I know we will DESTROY the opposition and within 2 weeks time get things moving towards the constitution, free will and as it should.

Do I hope for a modern day civil war? Hell no but the way our government is getting bigger and bigger I don't see how it can't happen.

One thing though, the north v.s. south of today is now gun supporters v.s. those who are deathly scared to even look at a gun so I say the odds are definitely on our side. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana