Comment: It kind of tastes like the newsletters.

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It kind of tastes like the newsletters.

I was always embarrassed by his news letters and I don't see this channel being much different. It seems more like cashing in on a cause than leading one.

The other issue for me is that the show isn't produced well. Ron has always had a problem with the production value of his media. The videos of supporters often are much more creative and professional.

I'm not against paying for content. I'd pay for VICE, but I wouldn't pay for the product Ron's selling. And why is he selling this anyways. Did he not plan well enough to be able to retire by now? I'm sure he did. Does he need the paycheck? I would hope not. So why do it? Why not take that time spent preaching to the choir and use it for evangelizing the cause of liberty? It's just that is what I would do if I was as wealthy as Ron.