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Smudge Pot, Let me save you some time

River Stone is not a commune.
Life in AmeriKa is too difficult to be distracted with the chaos of communal living.

It's River Stone, not River Stoned
River Stone is

a business,
a living museum,
an educational center,
a big tax deduction,
a place where team members can drink raw milk without being harassed.
River Stone is
a challenge,
a mass of projects,
a place to serve others and be served by others
a place to be respected and demonstrate respect towards others.

River Stone is

a relentless demand to maintain daily discipline -- milk the cows, * paint the barn,
secure the perimeter,
defend the reputation by being an example.

River Stone is a place where

you can have your meals cooked for you.
your living quarters cleaned for you.
your company vehicle maintained for you.
you can travel, your property is vigilantly watched and secured.

River Stone will provide

solid income
health & life insurance
routine medical care by a real doctor
guidance from nutritionists and fitness coaches
access to technology needed to create your vision
committed listeners who will help you focus and stay on track
a personal business manager
support for you in reaching your financial goals
preparation for your retirement if you ever want to.

River Stone is

Where people who abuse the lavish benefits are promptly shown the door. Adios!