Comment: it gets to the point where a person doesn't know what . . .

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it gets to the point where a person doesn't know what . . .

to believe anymore.

But I do have a question, about the deaths from pollution by coal/oil--

where did you get those statistics?

Why is solar power so un-doable?

I know that wind turbines can kill raptors and other birds--

but they are pretty safe for humans--

this is a huge quagmire--


I met a man who had fueled an entire home on hydrogen (and a car)--

I went to the house and saw it all--

(or we did)

We lost track of him, and years later I found someone who had also known him--

said he died suddenly, and there was some mystery surrounding his death--

We saw all the equipment.

I don't remember enough about it to describe any of it.

I think I have mentioned this on DP before; I think someone tried to tell me that it was a hoax or that I had only imagined it; others claimed that they believed that this man's process was impossible; others believed that he might have really found something, and it was a threat to those who control energy--

who knows?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--