Comment: “You will find only what you bring in.” - Yoda

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“You will find only what you bring in.” - Yoda

That’s what Luke is told in “The Empire Strikes Back” before he goes into the cave on Yoda’s home planet.
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8. There's nothing political or ideological in that mix.
9. All those who become a part of the team are bound by the laws of the land - right or wrong.
10. Our purpose is to profit and prosper to the best of our ability NOT defy the laws of the land by violating those laws.
11. River Stone is an alternative to surrendering citizenship, packing up and moving to another country where things might change only to have that solution become worse than what we have here. After all they don't call it globalism for nothing.
12 We will rely on our ability to focus on solutions that bring prosperity.
13. We will not focus or expend our energy and resources on fighting the system. Because it's going to fail anyway.