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I feel bad

For all those people who were conned by politicians promising them a golden parachute, but not enough to submit me and my children to slavery. I didn't sign on as the debtor, you didn't sign on as the debtor and our unborn children certainly didn't sign on as the debtor. We simply cannot allow continual theft to go on to pay for political promises of the past. At some point, the Ponzi scheme folds and that time is now! They aren't going to honor your pension and other goodies anyway...get real.

I know I will have to work well into old age because the social security will be gone and my 401k will get crushed long before then. I don't expect that the government will take care of me because they will not. They will eventually take it all once they have total dominance, so fighting to keep the corrupt system alive makes zero sense.
Our best shot at retirement and living a good life is tearing down the centralized system like yesterday and going back to the constitutional republic that gave us prosperity in the first place, not stripping the guts out of the nearly extinct middle class. And for the commies, it would be the closest thing to a dictatorship of the common man than anything else. Socialism always leads to a merger of state and corporate power and ultimately fascist oligarchy and slavery for 99.9999999%