Comment: Crabs in a Bucket Syndrome

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Crabs in a Bucket Syndrome

I don't give a rats @$$ what Glenn Beck personally thinks. Like everyone else on the DP, I believe he's entitled to his opinion, right or wrong. However, unlike anyone on the DP, Glenn Beck has an audience of millions.

I care that he gave Ron Paul access to a friendly or at least somewhat friendly audience of millions of people who got a chance to hear the refreshing breezes of truth and honesty from an exemplary spokesman for the Liberty movement.

MASSIVE WIN, any way you slice it.

If posters on the DP spent half as much time tearing down the full-bore authoritarians, Marxists, socialists, as they do tearing down the "not libertarian enough" people who are 75% on our side, we might actually get somewhere.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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