Comment: The problem I see...

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The problem I see...

with many of the patriot law theories is that it begins with a false premise...that living souls are really free, but have been tricked into losing their freedom, however, if they do (fill in patriot law theory) they can reclaim their rightful liberty.

The problem is the living soul is NOT free.
(I am going to use the word living soul so I am perfectly clear that I mean a flesh a blood, competent, intelligent, self aware, self determined, adult.)

The revolutionary war was a war for political independence not a war to make the living soul free of/from government.

When it was over, american government was "free" of the british...but the living souls that compose society were not free from/of government.

Governments (which are composed of the legislature and the army of men they employ to carry out THEIR will) do GOVERN living souls:
Each can take what it wants, when it wants, and if one doesn't comply with it, it has the power to put one in a cage- and if one resists, then it has the power to put one in the ground.
AND THEY DO, all day long, every day of the week, every week of the year...Governmental power is the power to harm a living soul with legal impunity.

And I find this situation tragic and in desperate need of change. Mankind must drop governmental power in order to fulfill its potential.

This won't happen unless we face the reality of our situation.