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Comment: Amazing. I have just recently started scouting avenues...

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Amazing. I have just recently started scouting avenues...

for recording harmonica tracks for bands in different states or countries via the internet.

I've played the diatonic for 15 years now this summer, and studied it seriously in terms of music theory for about 4. I've always been comfortable on stage but since it was the only instrument I knew, and I don't sing, it was hard to justify my presence there outside of the 2-4 songs in any average set that would have a harp part.

So I bought an acoustic guitar 3 years ago and started learning rhythm g. Now I'm looking more toward bass for the live-show/open jam scene. But otherwise the harmonica is tricky because unless you're the Ozark Mountain Daredevils you can't use it in every song. I like to say if there's a tuba part, there's a harmonica part.

Anyhoo, your site looks like what I'd need to do a track or three remotely for someone who is looking for a harp part or doesn't even know they are yet. Just a sample of a song is enough to tell if there is room or need for a part so I can't wait to hear them!

Are a lot of your users on ?

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