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Amazing story

It is too bad that greed grips some people so completely that they see no way out and care not to find a way out. Once a man has gained and is satisfied with all the material possessions one could ever hope to have in a lifetime, then he is never happy and must go straight into the evil eye of power!

Like any sin, it grips the mind relentlessly, and there is really never any end to feeling satisfied. The elites try to be happy with all that they have, and on the surface it seems like they are, but they really are not deep down inside. Deep down inside they feel guilty for what they have done, and they try to not think about it by attempting to gain more and more and more power. They become insatiable but they never really look happy.

Can anyone see any happiness in Diane Feinstein's face or Boehner or Obama or any of the rest? No, quite the opposite, as they all look strained. They will never be happy. They will never find true matter what they do.