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Living souls are not free?

"The problem is the living soul is NOT free."

I am sorry. I just don't feel like responding to any ... we're all a bunch of pussies who refuse to organize and defend that which we believe in because it is too difficult.

If there could only be one reason to love a God, a Creator, or ever you want to call it, must be because one is not created a robot. One does not come out of any womb a slave.

If people born inherently free want to be a slave ... be a dam slave. Your sentiment confirms the OP. People are content being a slave because they can go to Disney World once a year, have a nice home, nice car, decent tasting food, so long as they pay a little tribute here or there on demand.

No one is forcing anyone not to be a slave. Let us be clear we are talking about slavery. Being trespassed against and getting the shit beat out of you, strip searched, caged, looted, pillaged, or plundered against your consent when it can not even be justified by the existence of an injured party is slavery. What did the founders say ... if you enjoy wearing your chains then depart from us and go in peace to wear them.

What I refuse to listen to are people who choose to wear chains and then start bitching because they get heavy.