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1. moon, the matter of which

1. moon, the matter of which the moon is created is the same as found on earth. the leading theory is that another planet collided with the Earth a very long time ago and the moon is the result of the debris created and gravity, obviously.

2. "without the moon life wouldn't exist." Granted that is a somewhat fair point, the way in which you are using it for your argument is self defeating. There are many features of our planet/solar system that "need to be" in order to sustain life. This is the very reason that we do not find life on other planets because our's sustains it. I think you mean to say "the earth is perfect for us." But the truth is "We are perfect for the earth!"

3. "Where did DNA come from?" This is a great question and I'm not going to pretend like I know what I'm talking about! lol. But! I must say that I think 4.54 billion years is an impossible amount of time for the human brain to fathom and the development of life over those many years is something I can accept for reasons I will say in just a second!

4. "Where did the universe come from?" Well! There are many books you could read to understand this. But in short quantum mechanics teaches that particles do in fact "pop" in an out of existence at any given second even in the atoms that comprise you! Furthermore the Doppler Effect, you must google and read if you are not familiar with it it is truly fascinating, without a doubt tells us that currently the universe is expanding exponentially fast in every direction. We therefore know, ligically, that at (13 billion years ago) some point in the distant past the universe was very very small and very very dense, The Big Bang! The biggest issue this question of yours raises is that if the answer to this question was indeed "God" or a creator. Where in the world did he come from?! It is logically unsound to solve a problem with a solution that has the exact same problem!

I am tired of writing but in short I think evolution and science are beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful things we humans have on earth and it is not ok to fear using your brain! Don't just say "God did it." We must strive to learn!!