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Comment: How is that the "looney left"?

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How is that the "looney left"?

I didn't see any lefty signs there, I saw "impeach Obama" signs. This is some desperate establishment propaganda/misinformation.

I don't trust Putin one bit. That's the point. Obama is a commie globalist wanna-be emperor just like Putin. The NSA is doing exactly what the KGB & Gestapo dreamed of doing. I'm sure Putin is proud... or jealous...

I don't trust Snowden either, no I don't. Too coincidental. Total psy-op to paint libertarians & whistleblowers as traitors in the eyes of the sheeple. Set precedent for actual charges for what is essentially Freedom of Speech.
How does an NSA asset slip the country to Moscow, Russia?
Notice they made a point to say he was a 'Ron Paul' supporter. What a traitor, ya know?
Makes Russia look more sympathetic to liberty than the US.

Though Snowden was likely (imho) a NSA/CIA asset, and the whole story was a psy-op, it clearly back-fired on TPTB.
But, if Snowden is not an asset and he is for real, then what he did was right, and the Russians are just being smart and playing to their advantage.

But it's all a show, Obama & Putin are on the same team. The goal is to diminish America's standing in the world. America (meaning the American people, the Free-Market engine, and the Constitution) is, of course, the greatest obstacle in the way of the NWO.

{The US Government, fallen into the wrong hands, is a power that can only be matched by that of the American people themselves.

That co-opted US government hierarchy has allied itself, heck, was probably created by this authoritarian-collectivist New World Order. The Communists in Russia, and Nazis in Europe, were the earlier politico-economic versions of the NWO. And while they nearly succeeded in conquering Europe, they failed to accomplish the true goal. America, and it's free-market stood in the way. The New version of the NWO is an amalgam of what the Nazis did, what the Soviets did, and what America has done.}

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