Comment: Before I started smoking...

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Before I started smoking...

I complained because another writer used to sit right across a conference table and blow smoke in my face. When I asked corporate management if they could just put a little pressure on the writer to get a smokeless ashtray, the response was, "WE cannot violate his rights(!)"
Two years later, after the federal government got involved, smokers had to go outside to light up. The moral is, when government gets involved, things go from one extreme to the other and corporation could not care less about individual employees; which is one of the reasons government gets involved in the first place.

After I started smoking, I did smoke the "big, stinky" cigars on my patio. I had been living in the complex for TWELVE YEARS before the apartment management bitched so much that my wife and I shifted to "little cigars". I could have "made waves," because there is nothing in our lease, general or specific, that would have prevented us from smoking cigars; but, I tried to be a "good tenant".

Society shifts from one level of crazy to another. In Colonial America, some women wore bodices so low cut, they would make Kim Kardashian blush. During the Napoleonic era, French women favored the "wet tee shirt look," and many died of pneumonia attempting to achieve it.

Prior to the "liberal" Roosevelt, some films released in the US contained nudity or heavy cleavage. However, after 1933, cleavage did not return to movies until the 1960s. Take a look a 50s PLAYBOY centerfold. Most are tamer than the ads we see in magazines today. Yet, many mainstream publications "winked" at incest and sex with children. Yet, now, underage girls can be arrested for sending a nude picture of themselves to a boyfriend.

Liberals are not the only culprits. The draconian drug laws we have today are the result of idiot "religious right" do gooders. For me, the best solution is the libertarian one, as espoused by Ron Paul, "Leave people alone".

There is nothing wrong with the control freaks that a baseball bat and 10 minutes would not cure. However, I agree, those who immigrants (such as Piers-Morgan) and dual citizens (such as Michael Bloomberg and Charles Schumer) should be deported, as they do not respect our Constitution or our natural rights.