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If you think the Illumati

If you think the Illumati exist then okay, you can do that. Theres alot of lies and conspiracies so who knows.
But you have to be pretty stupid to think Penn Jillette is part of it.

You obviosuly have no idea what your talking about when you say show me proof they believe in liberty. Penn promotes it in nearly everything he does, from bits in his magic show, to nearly every tv interview he does, to the 500+ hours of radio and podcasts hes done, all of which ive listened to over the past decade. You clearly are talking out of your ass.

I found these in 1 minute by going to youtube and typing in Penn Jillette Liberty just to show you how ignorant you are. Its not even a sliver of the material hes presented within the many decades of his time in the limelight. And yes, obviously im a huge fan of his so when I read your comments im going to correct your false statements.