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Comment: Me too

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Me too

but I feel the same way. I'd rather 'hide'--
One reason I've justified waiting out the seller is, "Who needs the headaches and possible government intrusion a lead bull seems to draw?"
besides I noticed there were no churches; not that anyone really wants to invite corporate churches, but some of *us* are involved with them, nonetheless, to our deep shame--
Having been all through the mega church thing... The Word is something we live. Period. All the rest is "cash flow Christianity". There will be daily - m-f worship and prayer for those who want it. I believe Sundays could be days that our Christians go out to other churches and see how we as a community can bless them.
between a rock and a hard place

darned if you do; darned if you don't--
Right. And everybody wants to go to Heaven... but nobody wants to die. As I age I am more ready to go.
some of this are doing this, somewhat, with pre-existing communities--

our 'dependence' on local farmers and our boycotting of *our* local WalMart, for example--

we know our farmers and their families--
River Stone will be a place where there is no produce or meat/dairy sold to the public. Anticipating the day if/when it becomes outlawed. As 'owner residents' we simply have access to our own products. Possibly one exception would be the River Stone Farms Maple Syrup. It'sells.